Hello world!

Welcome to Zoya’s new global2.vic.edu.au. Over the rest of the term I’ll be placing new posts for my students showing them how set up their new blogs.

Student tasks:

  • Select your theme.
  • Create your “About me” page. Your about me page is like meeting someone for the first time in a new class. Tell them a bit about who you are and your interests. Also share the reasons for your blog.
  • Write a post explaining you are beginning to blog. In this post include that if the reader wants to know more about you to check out your about me page.
Things to remember:
  • Give your posts a title that will capture your reader’s interest.
  • Be eSmart:
    • Don’t use your last name.
    • Never give anyone your address, email address or phone number.
    • Do not post photos of others without their permission. Also don’t post photos or videos of yourself unless your teacher and parents have given you permission.
    • Don’t write anything that could hurt anyone else.
    • Remember online is forever – Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to your grandmother.
  • Only post about what you want everyone to know. Our blogs can be read by anyone with an Internet connection. Consider your audience and that you’re representing MPCS.
  • Writers get better writing by writing. While most posts will be about what happens in the classroom you can post about your interests. Just remember to follow the correct writing conventions (spelling, punctuation and and grammar) and don’t include too much personal or irrelevant information. Only post things that you would want everyone (in school, at home, in other countries) to know.
  • We learn about good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Use it! You are communicating to the world. Present yourself in the best possible light.
  • Any time you use content from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work.
    • If you use the words of another writer, you MUST put the words in quotation marks.
    • Included the name and URL of the source by creating a hyperlink to the source.
    • If you use the opinions or thoughts of another writer (although in your own words), you still must indicate where you found the original information.
    • When using images record where they come from, either by providing a photo credit on the page or creating a link to the image source.